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Eyolf & Andy Salvanos "Ikara": A crisp neoclassical beauty

Eyolf & Andy Salvanos is an Australian ambient/neoclassical outfit who's recent release "Ikara" caught our attention with not just its pure beauty, but also with the notable aspect of originality.

Written for acoustic guitar, piano and complete with a wide array of ambient drones of differing tone-heights and frequencies, "Ikara" is a wordless serenade to the universal beauty. The creators of this piece seem to both have a good backbone in the genres of ambient and neoclassical, as well as plenty of nerve for exploring new horizons, which is richly represented in the crispiness of this compelling track. While none of the sounds present in the track are particularly unique, it is the way they are combined that makes the track stand out.

A sonic definition of the word 'beautiful', here's "Ikara":


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