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Eydís Evensen "Dagdraumur": A hypnotizing piano endeavor.

Eydís Evensen is an Icelandic pianist who came to our attention with her recently released, invoking and very richly composed piece entitled "Dagdraumur".

Written around a classical/cinematic core with subtle hints of folk and jazz, the piece is composed and delivered with heaps of soul and intent. With a hypnotizingly beautiful melodic effort and an inventive arrangement, the music captivates, moves and liberates - one elegant bar at a time. While we are known to have a sweet-tooth for Icelandic music, this particular endeavor carries within itself something largely unique, leaving me blank for any comparisons, as well as fascinated with the sounds I just heard.

A true work of beauty, is what it is. Enjoy "Dagdraumur" up above.


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