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EXPERIMENTAL REALM: Foam and Sand, coldbrew, G.Lazer

EXPERIMENTAL REALM is compilation of tunes that stand out with their originality, boldness in composition and character.

While I considered throwing this one into Piano Pearls as I pressed play, it soon became evident that "The Fallkill Falls" belong in the category of Experimental Realm - and I mean that in a very pampering way. What a way to tie three contrasting themes together into a wonderfully coherent and symbiotic piece of music - way to go.

If there's a god his middle name is 'attention to detail' and Foam and Sand is a religious bunch. "Circle 34" bring us a moving electronica-rooted ambient composition atop a madly crisp production that exhibits each sound as if it was the star of the evening, then bring them together for a dance of the century.

Brief, elegant and reeking of character is 'ode to autumn' by coldbrew, an American outfit who closes this edition of Experimental Realm. Although driven by something as familiar as piano and guitar, the piece carries within itself a spirit that can only be described as uniquely charismatic, thus gracefully concluding this edition's trilogy.


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