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Evan Gildersleeve "Mortal": Darkness made beautiful

Evan Gildersleeve is a neoclassical/ambient artist from UK who's cross-genre recent release entitled "Mortal" we are listening to today.

With the piano melody deep into the minor key and an ambient background of somewhat dramatic synth drones, the creator shows to have a very specific, compromise-less agenda with this tune. Heavy at heart, but also at peace with the truth uncovered, the music depicts the realization of mortality quite accurately - it's sonic compound torn between nostalgia and bliss. The dynamics of the song serve the purpose even further, ascending the nerve of it all to a peak, then retracting into silence towards its end - much like a soul of any one of us would retract into the fabric of the universe postmortem.

Artsy, brave and down to the point all at once, not to mention complete with a delicious music video. Here's "Mortal":


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