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Eugene Goh ''Over The Clouds'' - an effortless piano masterpiece

Eugene Goh has come to our instant attention with his rich, elaborate and graceful piano release entitled ''Over The Clouds''.

Leading in on a fast-paced, brightly played piano melody, the composer instantly makes a promise of a memorable experience, exhibiting the highest skills combined with a delivery that's easy and effortless. Rightfully so, the composition soon takes on an unexpected turn, though one that is welcomed with delight - an accomplishment owed up to the pianist's excellence at the instrument. Rhythmically complex the elaboration entertains the mind for a while, then returns back into its initial, slightly less demanding domain, elegantly walking the listener out of it's rich and masterful domain in awe.

A work of a true talent, with hard work clearly knitted in between each of the delightfully played bars:


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