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Ethan Gold ''Starlight Reveries'': a stunningly turbulent piano gem

Ethan Gold is a multi-instrumentalist/composer from USA, who - other than having an intricate life story to tell, complete with numerous peculiar events and a line of musical achievements - has recently released a mesmerizing piano-driven composition entitled ''Starlight Revelries''.

Captivating can go home - what the piano does from the very first bars is something notably more. The emotional, fast paced arpeggios sweep you off the ground into a sonic vortex, soaking you in emotions ranging from melancholy and longing and onto eagerness and alertness. Supported by a gentle, rhythmically intricate melody, it's almost as if the composer wanted to show mercy amidst the otherwise turbulent experience. Elaborating on more chords and moving the arpeggios up and down the keyboard like a beautiful madman, the composer seems to be caught in a moment that is memorable, significant and unique. Towards the end of this brief, immersive musical endeavor, the sonic picture expands supported by an enchanting drone, then - ends abruptly leaving you with the sound of your heartbeat as the music fades out.

If this doesn't make you feel anything, you should call a doctor - you might be dead. Here's ''Starlight Reveries'':


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