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Eric Heitmann "Frozen Dreams": a tale of a deep sleep in a foreign place

Pianist, composer, and former professional American football player, Eric Heitmann tells the story of a group of hikers lost in the frozen tundra, falling into a deep sleep, in his ambient cinematic piece entitled, “Frozen Dreams”.

With piano notes that immediately touch your soul in a deep and comforting way, strings enter the mix in subtle wisps that are light but unwavering. There are soft build ups and releases which keep the piece interesting and epic while maintaining a minimalistic and calming nature, allowing your own thoughts to share some of the space in this piece. Hauntingly beautiful, this track, in its unique and dynamic nature that lingers between timid tones and epic peaks, will bring you warmth in even the coldest of times.

Discover the essence of peace in the unknown:


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