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EPIC: Stefano D'Amico, Eric Heitmann x Fabian Boreck, Gifts From Crows

EPIX is a handpicked collection of the finest cinematic performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

Definitely taking the top of the list here is a masterful arrangement by Stefano D'Amico entitled "Wormhole". High-end and uncompromising all throughout it's duration, the piece makes the best of strings and brass and percussion, painting a a very convincing and mind-boggling pictures of just that - a wormhole. If this doesn't get picked up by Hollywood production - I'm quitting cinema forever.

Eric Heitmann x Fabian Boreck bring us a slightly more romantic touch on cinematic music, though executed with nothing but class and elegance - a rare case, if you ask me. The music builds up patiently through its picturesque bars towards an emotional climax, after which it lands again into its peaceful beginnings. A cinematic treat is what it is.

Gifts From Crows is a well-established name on our blog and playlists, who rightfully deserve to close this compilation of EPIX with a composition entitled "Becoming Autumn". Certainly the most melancholic of the three - and fairly so - the music captures the mood of summer fading away with accuracy and class. Elaborate, smooth, epic.


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