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Emoción "Milonga Para Sonja": A divine exception to the rule.

It is no secret that we are innately spooked by music that is too driven by vocals or drum beats - that remains true and we still largely prefer instrumental soundscapes. However, every now and again we come across a composition that leaves us no choice but to fall for it. One of these friendly spirits is a recent release by Emoción "Milonga Para Sonja".

Written around a jazz core with notable elements of classical and cinematic, the performance immediately screams exclusivity and high-end. The delivery of the music at hand is beyond masterful, each of the instruments playing an essential and elegant part in this wonderful bossanova-infused gem. Finally, the brightest star on this exclusively bright sky of musical stars is most certainly the female lead vocals - mesmerizing, enchanting and delicate it ties this song together much like the famous carpet from 'The Big Lebowski' tied the room.

This is a work of veterans in their craft, an absolute treat to ear and soul:


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