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Emma Paunil "Dancing Pronghorn": A dreamer's work.

Emma Paunil is an American pianist, who's music and artistic approach we have grown to know and love - while Emma surely fits into the neoclassical scene as a whole, there is undoubtedly something unique about her take on piano music. That very individualistic attitude is represented richly in one of her pieces "Dancing Pronghorn" - the last track on a concept album entitled "Spirit Animal".

Immersive and somewhat eerie from the get go - almost mythological - the piece presents itself with plenty of reverb and a hauntingly beautiful, ornamental melody that seems to revolve around itself, like an eternal engine of a kind. Listening to this track feels a bit like waking up in a dream - familiar at first, but soon becoming more and more otherworldly, signified by surrealistic drones and beautiful, ghostly ambient scoops.

This is the kind of music that can only come out of a natural born dreamer. Enjoy:


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