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Elizabeth Tsung “Sebastian's Waltz”: A piano and violin partner act

American violinist, pianist, and composer based in NYC, Elizabeth Tsung captivates us with, “Sebastian's Waltz,” a piano and violin piece.

The piano begins the piece, introducing a sense of longing in the form of beautiful notes that twirl. The violin joins, adding to the sombre style of the piece in equal power and beauty. As the two instruments duet, they are nearly unrecognizable as their own sounds, so smoothly how they are blended together in a perfect harmony, captivating every listener in their aural dance. The piece makes itself unforgettable as it reaches its peak while violin and piano notes leap and sore in a beautiful display that is vibrant in the most musical way. Immediately a hit, “Sebastian’s Waltz” only continues to please, managing to grow in greatness and intrigue throughout the entire piece, there is never a dull moment.

Follow along to the dance of the piano and the violin here:


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