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Elizabeth Tsung "Gorilla Beringei": An elegant, winner of a lullaby.

Elizabeth Tsung is an American pianist/composer who's recently released "Gorilla Beringei" is one of those piano pieces that speaks for just how much undiscovered neoclassical must be roaming the planet at any given point.

Rooted strongly in the classical core, the composition is calming like a lullaby and danceable like a waltz, in equal portions. It is as if the music was serenading the dance of the hanging toys atop a baby crib - its gentle, loving melody and a consistent, living dynamic lulling the listener into a state of mind so tranquil, taking it one step further would likely attract the attention of pharmaceutical companies.

Elegance, simplicity and musical prowess - certainly one of the strongest candidates to win the lullaby category in the next-years WAMMA awards we will be hosting. Let it in:


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