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Eik Octobre "Falling Apart Into Something New": A wonderous neoclassical vessel.

Eik Octobre is a Danish neoclassical composer who has come to our attention with his recently released serenade to new beginnings "Falling Apart Into Something New".

With a rich production grasping the ear the instant you hit play, the song introduces itself on lingering keys soon joined by a delightful, glowing melody. Settling patiently into your domain, the track seems to be rushing nowhere, embracing every new bar with a growing sense of appreciation. The composer elaborates on the theme letting the listener know that the whole thing is in fact going somewhere, but does it so subtly, that when the drop comes, it sweeps you adrift into its powerful sonic stream like a strong, sudden blow of wind sets motion to a ship. Now in its full elegance, the music swings on the waves it has itself conducted, then retreats back into a lower dynamic, where the the tide feels more steady, but the stream prevails, taking this vessel onwards, whatever the final destination may be.

Touchingly beautiful and damn well produced. One memorable piece of Nordic neoclassical this is:


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