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Edward Newell "The Fir and the Bramble": This is how we like our strings.

Edward Newell, a British neoclassical composer came to our attention with a recently released, delightfully fresh string arrangement entitled "The Fir and the Bramble".

Written for what seems to be a string quartet the piece is an epitome of neoclassical compositions, its character unwaveringly fresh and its classical aspirations richly represented in the arrangement that reeks of musical finesse. With melancholic undertones all along the composition the music evokes strong feelings of nostalgia, one which is soothed with a playful accompaniment that reminds me a bit of the intro theme of a 90's blockbuster series called "X-Files". Never mind the references, the instruments are played undoubtedly by the masters of lower or higher ranks, which shows in the flawless, yet highly emotional delivery of this piece.

This is how we like our strings:


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