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Edvard Amundsen ''Queen of the Ice'' - piano music on par with Chopin

Edvard Amundsen, who is a pianist/composer from Norway has caught our attention with his recent release entitled ''Queen Of The Ice'' for more than one reason.

First off, the elegance and class of this piano piece is undeniable from the start, swinging beautifully on a three-count with it's charming, classical melody. What's even more interesting, is that even though coming out of a Nordic country, this piano piece doesn't seem to have Jan Johansson for it's god (as it is in 99% of the regional cases), but rather has hints of Chopin and Mozart. Effortless in it's brilliant delivery, the composition serenades perfectly this anonymous queen of ice we read of in the song title.

If Edvard was to release an album, we would be cancelling our other plans to hear it, but for now, here's ''Queen Of The Ice'':


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