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Eamonn Watt ''The Weather is Getting Better...'': A calming piano giant.

Eamonn Watt is a British composer who captured our attention with his compellingly calming piano piece ''The Weather Is Getting Better''.

Played with the lightest of hands, the magnificent melody is bound to lull you into a tranquil, dreamy state. Nuanced with bits of nostalgia, as well as stunning melodic elaborations and key resolutions, the piece makes the best of its theme, which as we read is taken from another lo-fi release with the same title from this artist. Despite its lightness and purity, the soul and musicality invested into this piece does make it feel like a giant, peacefully wandering through men-forsaken valleys, worry-less and present.

If this is not going to calm you, then you should check with an exorcist.


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