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Dutch Falconi ''Carnival of Souls'' - the bliss of insanity

Oh sweet madness, may we remain friends forever

In the calmest of my being, may you still be present

Elsewhere, but don't disappear

Yours are colors and shapes, yours are words remembered

If not madness, you my soulmate, what would memory be held for


Please remain, even if elsewhere,

Until I call, or whisper your name

Once again then

Go away.

Thank you.


Some compositions call for slam poetry and this is one of them! Labeled Transylvanian Salsa for it's genre, ''Carnival Of Souls'' is a wicked one and unapologetic about it too. As entertaining as it is contemplative, it features accordion, violin, drums and friendly satanic forces (if such were to exist), all of which come together into a beautiful symphonic serenade to the bliss of insanity.

You owe yourself to hear this, thus please do:


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