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Drones: Music To Star Gaze To.

While Drone genre remains a highly challenging one, primarily due to the falsely assumed ease of production, having gone through countless submissions this week, I have landed three tunes that stood out not just in production but carried a note of intent within them - an essential element to creating a worthy-to-listen specimen of the genre. Each unique in it's own right, yet all somehow coherent - it is almost as if the creators of these tunes were touched by the same celestial muse. Here they are.

Desolate Horizons "Now More Than Ever" (RU)


Paper Ocean "fragile future" (DE)


Akkodha "Life Flash" (US)


Get out onto a field with a blanket and gaze right into that sky for a little too long - it'll do you good and it will feel ever less unusual with the above sounds in your ears.


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