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Drew Harris ''Xeno'' - your sonic ticket to space

Diving into the ruminations about the infinity of universe is an inviting, though a risky game. Trying to fully comprehend infinity is one secure of way driving yourself nuts and yet ever since the invention of numerology, the human kind couldn't help themselves but to do just that - travel into the mystifying abyss above us.

Drew Harris is an American electronica artist who has released the coolest track entitled ''Xeno'', attempting (and damn succeeding) to give the listener the sensation of going to space for the first time. Because of its pragmatic - should we call it - intent, it is almost unnecessary to debunk the elements of the composition, as it is evident that the creator intended for all of them to work together, which they do so flawlessly. This eight-and-a-half piece of electronica is so immersive, it is fair to say that for most of us - this is as close as we will ever get to actually going to space.

Produced at the highest level, cool, sexy and leaves you in pure awe. Get your outer space experience for no money at the link below:


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