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Dragonfly Stigma "Don’t Wait" - a loving piece of gentle rejuvenation and powerful encouragement

French songwriter and producer, Dragonfly Stigma’s love for acoustic music led her to learn piano and guitar. Featuring her soulful inner voice, her music spreads a message of love and self-empowerment, allowing any listener to feel encouraged through her track, “Don’t Wait”. 

The piece begins with a strong piano melody that is immediately soft and empathetic but reassuring, showing its intentions from the start. The notes are bright and soft, feeling encouraging without pressuring. Strings are introduced in a layer on top of the piano, enjoying their moment in the spotlight. Demanding attention with its sweet longing, the string elements give a beautiful and equally strong prelude to the dancing, colorful notes of the piano that follow. As the song progresses to showcase the piano and strings as more of a duet, the two distinct sounds meld into a strikingly beautiful harmony in perfect balance. The more somber parts of the piece recognize difficulty in the midst of doubts yet are not discouraged but empowered. A rejuvenating breath of fresh air, the beauty of this piece will uplift you and fulfill you by warming your soul. This track is a kind composition that believes in you and looks towards brighter days, as you will find “Don’t Wait” on your frequent rotation. 

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