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Dovie Beams Love Child “Sunset Waves”: Time moving in a different pace

Dovie Beams Love Child is an instrumental duo based in New York City, America. The duo baldly experiments with ambient and electronic sounds, which their most recent release “Sunset Waves” is a perfect example of.

First of all, there is an outstanding sense of calmness to the track, which is mainly due to the synth leads that are very chill, slow, and almost psychedelic at times. While listening to this thing, you may find yourself being sucked into a comprehensive atmosphere where time moves in a different pace, which can be a rare state of mind these days since the world around us keeps moving faster and faster. The track, however, also features sudden outbursts of reverberated electronic guitars, keeping things interesting all the way through, whilst still maintaining the calmness that makes this track such a gorgeous listen.

These guys are to obscure for Spotify, which I respect in a way, but check it out on Bandcamp and let yourself be sucked into the comprehensive atmosphere this piece has to offer:


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