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Donna De Lory "So Hum / Breathing In": Divinely calming sonic gem.

Donna De Lory is an American artist who's "So Hum / Breathing In" is a gem straight from heaven which we are delighted to share with you today.

The music begins gently, allowing itself to evolve naturally and without any rush. The beautifully arranged instrument is soon enhanced by the most caressing of voices in my recent memory at which point the track becomes a sonic vessel cruising effortlessly across an endless horizon of love, goodness and harmony. The significance of the artistic effort is also signified by the fact that despite the track being almost nine minutes long, not for a moment did I feel like it's welcome was overstayed - frankly, I'm gonna fear it again right now.

If words in dictionaries would include a song that describes it best, then 'angelic' would certainly go with this:



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