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Domenico Quaceci "Wabi-sabi": "There should be pauses in music." (с)

The extraordinarily talented pianist and composer Domenico Quaceci presents to our attention the composition "Wabi-sabi".

A composition with a wide range of feelings from sweetness to bitterness, it is unobtrusive, reflective and very broad, sweet and bitter, a work that allows the listener to look inside themselves, to reflect. The most attractive thing in this composition, in my opinion, are the pauses on which the dramaturgy of this work is based. This is the sixth track on his album titled "Ascendant". The author skilfully placed them in the right places, which made the composition interesting and unique and allowed it to make it to our blog. In general, this wonderful composition deserves a place in our playlist, and will give people emotions, aesthetics and beauty!

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