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Doeke "Op IJs (On the Ice)": Perfectly coherent.

This is a reminder that the war in Ukraine has not ended. Russian terrorist state continues to strike civilians with artillery and missiles on a daily basis for eight months now, resulting in deaths of thousand of innocent people, amongst them close to 500 children.

Please continue to show all and any support that you can, here are some links that you may find helpful:

Did someone say piano and a dancer? Look no further. Our dear and familier Doeke has both and then some for you in a recently released "Op Ijs". Melodically brilliant and approachable as ever, the pianist delivers the piece with character, style and a relevant dose of emotion, as to not take the spotlight away from the dancer, who very much deserves praise of her own - just how effortlessly and gracefully she interprets the music all along.

Spin it up above.


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