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Der Waldläufer "Perdido Encontrado": Top-grade ambient for meditation and beyond

Der Waldläufer is a German producer/composer who's ambient universe we already know and love. His recent, justifiably lengthy soundscape voyage entitled "Perdido Encontrado" is a masterpiece both in the genres of neoclassical and ambient, as well as on the level of its production.

Immersive from the get-go, the music absorbs you with its compelling, expensive drones, quite literally elevating you above the ground. True to the cosmic laws the music remains patient at all times, elegantly exposing its intricate bits and elements, none of which are ever out of place. The distinctive element should definitely be acquitted to the most soul-stirring string section, which appears and retracts in the most seamless of ways. Ideal for meditation and beyond, the track is a monumental endeavor in the genre.

Here's "Perdido Encontrado":


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