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Der Waldläufer ''Naranja Nubis'' - inviting immersive instrumental

Der Waldläufer is a musician/producer coming out of Germany who has recently released a piece of chill instrumental that's as solid as it is moving and names it ''Naranja Nubis''.

The artist has an extensive backlog of ambient/chill releases which shows right away in this new release of his. Familiar with the recipe, the composer begin ever so gently on bass, guitar and a few light ambient drones. Patiently, very patiently, the music moves forward when an electric guitar riff enters the spectrum, elegantly claiming the spotlight - though not for too long. The composition soon returns to it's dreamy, non-demanding vibes, allowing the mind to wander and the heart to beat - as inviting and kind as it can get.

If you've forgotten how a comedown from a mushroom trip feels, this might remind you of it:


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