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Denis Turbide & Vin Downes "New Beginning": Masters of classical guitar.

A beautiful relaxing guitar composition from two composers Denis Turbide & Vin Downes called "New Beginning".

Denis Turbide has a clean, laid-back style and his compositions carry traits of both classic fingerstyle and classic acoustic rock.

Vin Downs is a composer, fingerstyle guitarist and music educator who has released eight studio albums. Grammy Award-winning guitarist and producer Will Ackerman and Grammy Award-winning engineer-producer Tom Eaton have worked on his recordings. He has performed nationally as a soloist, as Will Ackerman's touring partner and as a member of the Four Guitars.

The duo of such talented musicians couldn't help but catch our attention. The composition "New Beginning" is a piece in which two classical guitars are played with truly virtuoso hands. The mastery of the instrument is amazing and is conveyed in the abundance of musical techniques and various guitar playing techniques. The melody is perfect for relaxing and thinking about eternal questions to which we do not always know the answer. You can fall asleep to it or wake up to it, and in both cases it will be appropriate.

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