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De Moi ''Enamoured II'': how does a dream sound? Like this.

As somehow who experiences lucid dreaming on a regular, this track by De Moi has left me feeling similar to what I feel after a wake up form yet another flight through purple skies above a world of unseen creatures and scenarios that are as fascinating, as they are nonsensical.

''Enamoured II'' musically takes from ambient, neoclassial and dream-pop, intersecting beautifully with bits from each of the above and colliding into what is probably the most dream-like tune in my recent memory. Patient and elaborate, the song swings you in on its modular-synth drones, further expanding the lucid horizon with a sequence of captivating, unique sounds appearing all over the spectrum. The production of the tune is wonderfully geeky too, each sound placed carefully and with plenty of expertise.

Delightful, lucid, dreamy - treat yourself:


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