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David King ''Momentum'': elegance made simple

David King is a returning artist on our blog, who's piano compositions - as emotional and dynamic as they may be - are some of the most appealing and accessible, proving that elegance is simple at it's heart.

Written around a classical/cinematic core, ''Momentum'' is a piano piece that embodies its title in every aspect and beyond. Taking off on a running melody written in a four-count played over a three-count chord progression, the composition creates exactly that - a momentum. The pianist then goes on to elaborate on its theme with elegant theme changes, swiftly diverting into a minor key, then returning back in its major, blissful musical flight-like domain. While we remain certain that most of you will be as captivated by this composition, we want to make sure that you hear the whole piece through until the very end, to witness another peculiar, poetic detail - namely the way this momentum-driven composition ends!

Impossible not to admire, here's ''Momentum'':


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