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David Duffy "Sueño": A top-shelf audio-visual experience.

David Duffy is an Irish electronica artist, who's come to our attention with a rich audio-visual neoclassical/experimental effort entitled "Sueño".

The work of art is a highly engaging one and convincing from the get-go. Quite frankly, it is exactly that confidence along with the richness of the production that kept me in, because normally I would be spooked by this amount of bass. Nevertheless, "Sueño" has spoken to me in a way that only true art can do. Making great use of strings, drones, synth and yes - the bass, the track comes together into a highly original piece complete with a captivating visual, one which is coherent with the music, both experimentally and quality-wise.

You can make what you will of the meaning behind it, but it's definitely worth your time. Spin it up above.


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