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David Buchs "Mercy": Music straight from Pearly Gates .

David Buchs is an American neoclassical composer who's soul-stirring and madly immersive composition entitled "Mercy" we are delighted to share with you today.

Taking off on angelic drones and a distant, lingering bass, the music instantaneously makes a big promise - one which is soon fulfilled with a mesmerizing cello bit entering the already divine soundscape. Having gripped you right by your heart, the composer elevates you high up above the ground, unafraid of gravity and confident in his intent. Calming beyond words, the track moves gracefully through its five minute runtime, complete with crisp detail appearing all across the spectrum, all the while the re-occurring cello element gets you by surprise every time, filling your lungs with air and your heart with peace.

This is the music I'd expect to be hearing at the Pearly Gates, or such place. Enjoy:


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