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David Arkenstone "Without Wind Or Tide": A cinematic marble.

David Arkenstone is an American, Grammy-nominated composer who has spoken to us in volumes in his recently released cinematic neoclassical endeavor "Without Wind or Tide".

Written and arranged in a way that screams experience, talent and musical prowess, the piece takes the listener on a journey of multiple captivating movements. The piece makes great use of piano and strings, combining the two into a story of perseverance, trial and error, as well as hope. Complex, yet approachable, the composition is certainly a kind of a blue print in the cinematic genre - while a lot of beginners would exaggerate on the dramatic element by applying drum rolls and choir - Mr. Arkenstone know better and instead utilized the musicality and the power of progression, rather than some momentary woo.

This must be some of the finest cinematic in my recent memory, check it out:


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