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Dario Forzato ''Singularity'' - a flawless sonic design

Dario Forzato is an Italian-born award-winning composer, songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. His recent release ''Singularity'' is an ambient instrumental piece which speaks volumes for his well renowned musical abilities.

Taking off on full, rich electric guitar notes, the composer soon adds a descending element of synth and drones, hypnotizing and produced at the highest level. These and other elements then join into a flying vehicle of sound, designed to cut and swirl through the fabric of the universe, swiftly slaloming through space and time. Immensely rich in detail, the music sounds as complete as it gets, every bar stitched with one another, as well as beautified on the exterior with intricate and expensive bits.

Masterfully designed and flawless, check it out:


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