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Daria Shakhova "Rainy Sun": Cinematic piano that soothes

Daria Shakhova is a pianist/composer from Russia having recently released an elegant, flawlessly delivered composition under the title "Rainy Sun".

Confident and effortless the pianist sweeps you off the ground with a sound that roots deeply in cinematic music, recalling Yann Tiersen's score for the film "Amelie" and the likes. With the left hand laying the accompaniment with a laser sharp precision, the right hand continues to elaborate and rotate the catchy core melodic element. While the dynamics of the songs are rather undemanding and simple, it is that very simplicity that allows you to enjoy the well-refined delivery of a melody that doesn't only swings, but sticks with you too.

Soothing, thought-through and justifiably confident, here's "Rainy Sun":


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