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Danny Norbury "This Night Is for You and For Me" - a gorgeously threaded string piece

British cellist Danny Norbury has released three albums, with "This Night Is for You and For Me," released on his first album entitled, "Light in August".

"This Night Is for You and For Me" is a neoclassical piece that warms the soul, threaded gently with string notes that resonate deep within the chest, comforting and strong. Opened with a gentle introduction, this dynamic piece reveals itself as the song progresses, unfolding to show the true depths of the composition. This string piece is empowering with delicate hints of sorrow countered with resilience and determination during hardship. The carefully painted string backdrop of harmonies fills in all the empty spaces and blends smoothly into the melody, making the piece so complete, you yourself will feel whole.

Gorgeous, griping, and just over five minutes long, this song’s loop potential is unparalleled as the melody will give you chills and make you hunger for more of the gorgeous sounds that harbour the capabilities of a cello and a gifted musician. 

Listen to this moving composition here: 


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