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Daniele Carmosino Feat. Mark Aanderud "Simple Ways": Modern simplicity and classical technique

Daniele Carmosino is back on the blog this time alongside Mark Aanderud with the beautifully crafted layer-cake that is "Simple Ways".

Starting off we hear the rhythmically sound foundation of a simple piano line. Repeating itself over and over creating a sense of direction and stability in the piece. Slowly but surely more layers are added on top. Some are of the light and syncopated nature, dancing and dropping like raindrops. What really brings it home though is the beautiful string-work flowing throughout the piece like little rivers of emotion. In simple, yet very effective ways the combination of these layers work together to make this a top-notch neo-classical piece.

If ever there was fairness in this world, the next big HBO drama would feature this as a soundtrack in one way or another.

Listen here:


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