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Daniel Schrage "Wonderland (Revisited)": It's different for everyone.

Composer Daniel Schrage from the USA presents his new single "Wonderland (Revisited)".

This two-minute piece has a very intimate atmosphere. The sensitivity with which the composer touches the black and white keys is delightful. The melody is as airy as the clouds. The composition creates harmony and a cosy atmosphere that one doesn't want to leave.

Personally I wanted to sit back, close my eyes and be transported by the music to the city of my childhood, to remember how good and carefree it was. To remember a time that will never come back, but "Wonderland (Revisited)" made me feel nostalgic and at least a little of that warmth, if only for a few seconds. Many thanks to the author for that!

To sum it up, the composition didn't strike me as sad. It's warm, positive and very peaceful.

Listen to it and see for yourself:


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