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Daniel Rosenholm "Vändpunkt": A delicate piano from a master.

Introducing the composition "Vändpunkt" by Swedish artist and composer Daniel Rosenholm.

This touching piano composition, composed for black and white keys, tells the listener a moving story. It is sure to touch your heart. Its duration is two minutes and forty-five seconds. Daniel demonstrates a high level of mastery of the instrument and a great deal of compositional experience. From the first notes of the piece he takes us to another world where emotions and feelings become much deeper and richer. The sound of the piano, like a magic touch, gives birth to waves of emotions that overflow our souls. The melody floats like the wind across the fields, gently caressing us, then suddenly soaring into the sky like a bird of freedom. "Vändpunkt" will be a perfect addition to your relaxation playlist or your list of favourite piano compositions.

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