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Daniel Rosenholm "November": Brutally beautiful neoclassical

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Daniel Rosenholm is a Swedish neoclassical composer, who's melancholy-infused, accurate sonic portrait of the given month entitled "November" we have fallen for today.

Taking off on beautifully recorded piano with all the instrument's shimmers and creaks present and audible, the piece has no other face but that of nostalgia and melancholy. Fearless, as much as it is genuinely sad, the composition evokes a highly dramatic emotion within the listener, piercing through you with it's brutal, beautiful honesty. As if the piercing piano melody was not enough, the composer deepens the experience with a weeping string section. It is almost as if the piano couldn't carry the heavy heart on it's own any longer, having to lend some of the burden to a friend indeed - namely the strings which smoothly take over the melodic lead before the piece descends into an elegant ending.

Brutally honest, painfully accurate, as well as finely arranged. Here's "November":


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