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Daniël Tomàs "Hypnagogia": Such compositions are inspiring.

This is a composition by Dutch pianist and producer Daniel Thomas (van der Duijm) called "Hypnagogia". He was introduced to the piano from an early age, as his grandmother's piano had stood in the living room since his birth. It was this playful discovery that encouraged him to continue his studies at the ArtEZ Conservatory of Music in jazz/pop piano, focusing on improvisation.

(Each song is a new painting, its own journey through worlds near and far, but always with the same intimate piano mood that makes you stay at home in a certain way).

"Hypnagogia" immerses us in a world of sounds and emotions, it is a true masterpiece that caught my attention from the very first notes. Daniel Thomas masterfully plays the keyboards like a magician, evoking inspiration and passion from the notes. The musical phrases flow like a river, calm and stormy, conveying a wide range of feelings and moods and immersing us in a kind of musical trance. This work opens up a rich soundscape in which one can hear tenderness and sadness, moments of thoughtfulness and sudden bursts of passion. The composition lasts for three and a half minutes and throughout the whole time does not let the listener get bored for a minute. Although the main melody is present in the composition, it develops all the time, bringing more and more new colours into the picture, revealing itself to the full, drawing the listener deeper into the essence.

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