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Dan Michaelson ‘’Colourfield II’’ - Hollywood, can you hear this?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Dan Michaelson, who was once before featured on our blog, returns with another neoclassical masterpiece entitled ‘’Colourfield II’’.

As the title suggest, the song is a sibling to his first release which was entitled ‘’Colourfield’’. ‘’Colourfield II’’ is a more dramatic take on neoclacissim, where nerve and anticipation are core emotions richly represented in both composition as well as an appropriate choice of instruments. The music is cinematic beyond words. Just listen to it and tell me you can’t see armies of light vs. dark awaiting the final stand off. Well produced and filled with intricate detail, the symphony captures a mood and maintains the momentum all throughout - it is dense and tense and as intended.

Another round of applause to mr. Michaelson and his indeniable talent. Enjoy ‘’Colourfield II’’ at the link below:


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