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Daisy Vision "Outstretched Toward Briar": Beyond crisp

Daisy Vision is an American outfit who have come to our attention with the crispiest sonic delight entitled "Outstretched Toward Briar".

Pleasantly making it's way in on twinkling keys, the music seems to glow with goodness of its intent, all the while elegantly building up the anticipation with backing vocals and a percussive element. With the drop, the music with all its crisp elements clicks onto swinging tracks provided by the drum set - one that's played with so much pull, it's almost as if the time slows down. While the instruments continue to intertwine, the keys at the forefront maintain and bend the melodic element with all its pure, glowing qualities, all the way towards the blissful ending of this tune.

Proper, knowledgeable musicianship infused with elegance, goodness and light. Let it in:


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