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Daisy Swift "Step By Step": The piano is a colourful world!

Daisy Swift is an English composer who writes mainly in a relaxed piano style. She is a member of The Piano Collective, a group of like-minded composers who regularly produce tranquil piano music.

Works like "Step By Step" are a pleasure to deal with because it is always a positive listening experience. The composition brings peace and tranquillity, masterfully conveyed through the piano notes. The melody is simple and easy to remember, yet it's not trite. I think Daisy Swift, as an accomplished composer, knows how to cut away everything superfluous to create the perfect picture, not to disturb the atmosphere, but to keep one emotional level throughout the composition. That's why music for relaxation is valued! The listener is led into a state of relaxation, and remains in that state until the composer has struck the last chord.

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