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Dae Kim "A Song For The Wounded": The sound of understanding and empathy.

Dae Kim is a South Korean ambient artist, who's recently released "A Song For The Wounded" doesn't only live up to it's title, but reaches deep into the well of ambient music-production, taking the best from it and combining it all into a moving, unique experience.

Lighter than the air, the composition levitates its way into the listener's domain, thereafter submerging itself gradually into your being. With the most delicious keys, ambiance and strings working together elegantly, the music soon - and inevitably - reaches the core of one's soul and begins to heal it from within. Truthful to the nature of existence - which as we know comes with both moments of ecstatic joy as well as excruciating pain - the music doesn't try to sweet talk you into peace. Rather, it takes its time and - as if a loving parent, or a good friend - listens, understands and never judges, allowing you to find your own way back into light.

Angelically beautiful and damn well produced. Here's "A Song For The Wounded":


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