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corneliuuus "sans nuages": Neoclassical aesthetics.

Corneliuuus, a composer from Romantic France, presents us with the composition "sans nuages".

As a child, corneliuuus received classical piano lessons, and as a teenager he became fascinated by the music of early 20th century composers. After working as a performer for several years, Cornelius began composing on his own. In the spring of 2023, he wrote several piano pieces, which are now published one after the other.

This charming and touching piano piece will not leave you indifferent. "sans nuages" is a good portion of aesthetic pleasure. The author's attention to detail, delicate handling of the instrument and the melodiousness of the composition itself will mesmerise lovers of neoclassical music. This is a wonderful addition to your playlist, and the perfect accompaniment to an evening's relaxation. Lasting only one minute and forty-four seconds, it's not much, but you'll definitely keep it on repeat!

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