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Constellation Sound ''Orion'' - a refreshing, chill synth vibe

Crafted by enigmatic artist, Constellation Sound, “Orion” is the rest your mind and ears have been searching for.

"Orion" is the second track on Constellation Sound's "The Milky Way" release. Synth heavy, this galactic soundtrack will take you to new heights. Starting the scene in what nostalgically feels like a primary school courtyard, the mood is youthful and reflectant. It's peaceful piano track is quite soothing in it's delicate arrhythmical tones, whereas the synth chords hold the song together, wrapping the rest of song elements in it's ambient arms. Seamlessly assembled, this song flows effortlessly from beginning to end, blended into a coherent track that is just over three and a half minutes long, but feels like less. 

This peaceful meditative track will ease the mind of any listener with it's calm lull and unassuming manner. Listen to this musical escape on Spotify: 


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