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Colin Zundel "New Beginnings": Great piano for the morning.

The composition "New Beginnings" by Colin Zundel.

It's a unique musical case of a man who can't read or write music. All of his piano compositions are played by ear and performed from memory. Yes, even those with instrumental accompaniment. For him, as a working class commoner, composing music is a simple hobby. He is a simple-minded person who creates simple melodies. Colin is inspired to make the listener feel something in every song - even if that something is heartburn. Living in the suburbs of Gilbert, Arizona with his dog and future wife, he hopes to one day reach the pinnacle of fame by getting a brief mention on the local classical radio station.

This piano composition sounds delightful and has a clear, simple melody that is easy to memorise and lingers in the mind. It is perfect for brightening up your morning or leisure time. We recommend it to our listeners:


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