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Colin O’Donohoe ”The Prayer Garden: Solace”: Sounds from a different era

Colin O’Donohoe is an American composer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist. He is currently based in Turkey where he works on his music, and has recently enrichened us with a single called “The Prayer Garden: Solace”.

With a pan flute serving as the cornerstone of the melodic soundscape, and a subtle bass and some congas backing up the flute, it seems fair to argue that the piece has a very strong foundation when it comes to instrumentation and melodies. The instrumentals serve each other really tastefully, and besides the main instrumental layers there are also some extra mysterious ambient sounds filling out the background as topping to the auditory experience. All in all, this piece ends up having a somewhat prehistoric sound to it. Directing the listeners thoughts back to a different era before the digital and industrial revolution, and perhaps even back to an era of early civilization and tribal communities. This is definitely worth a listen if you’re interested in a little meditative experience, or just interested in getting your thoughts thrown away from the everyday stress for a while.


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