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Clemens Christian Poetzsch ''Kleines Silber'': Neoclassical piano finesse.

Clemens Christian Poetzsch is German pianist who's recently released "Kleines Silber" is but a glowing star in the genre of neoclassical piano, exploring both the irrevocable beauty of the grand piano, as well as accentuating the 'neo' in neoclassical with elegant use of modern technology.

Taking off on a captivating melody flowing effortlessly over foot-controlled ambient drones, the piece present itself in its full glory from the early bars, the pianist driving the appealing melodic element with class and intent. The intricate foot-pedal that the pianist uses seems to have multiple applications, full scope of which is unknown to us. It is however worth noting that such gadgets often provide for possible excess use and end up reducing the musicality of a composition rather than adding to it. That is however not the case in "Kleines Silber". Whatever exactly the tech compartment does to the sound, the pianist maintains a fine balance between the acoustic tones and the filtered sounds, expanding the immersive space created by the piece with but a slight, glowing sonic aura. While the piece remains dynamically consistent as a whole, the pianist beautifies the bars and phrases with elegant crescendos and diminuendos, all the while maintaining the steady flowing-water feel throughout the entirety of this wonderous musical endeavor.

Unwind to this gem of a neoclassical creation below:


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