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Claudio Donzelli "Ossessione": are you willing to go this far?

Italian neoclassical composers have made a bit of a reputation (a good one) on our blog and so we couldn't help but to have certain expectations when presented with a name of Claudio Donzelli.

It's known to many that artists will go far out of their way if driven by a vision and Claudio with his recent release "Ossesione" proves just that. Leading in on an elegant arpeggio-based melody played over the water hitting the coast line, the composition gradually expands with grace and class, introducing layer after layer of strings along with backing ambient sweeps. Immersive and crazily confident the music tells a story of passion and pursuit, soaking the listener in its cinematic paradigm. Complete with a beautifully filmed, original artistic music video the piece can be enjoyed as an audio or as audio-visual experience - either way delivering a memorable and intense experience.

Enjoy this ambitious work of art below:


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